US senator has slammed China’s People’s Liberation Army in the Senate. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell said the PLA had instigated violent clashes between two Asian veterans. He said that in the Indo-China war of 1962, both the armies were instigated by the PLA.

He said it is needless to say that there are worrying violent clashes between the armies of the world’s two nuclear-rich countries. It should be seen with grave concern. He said this is a worrying situation when America is engaged in nuclear disarmament and peace initiatives worldwide.

He said that under the protection of the Corona outbreak, China was attempting to increase its domination. It is trying to establish its control in regions of Hong Kong and Asia. Likewise, he is trying to destabilize Japan near Senkaku Island in Japan.

He has emphasized in his speech that a few days ago China has infiltrated Taiwan’s airspace. Meanwhile, Congressman Jim Banks has welcomed India’s decision to ban Huawei and ZTE from its telecom network. That’s a strong and smart decision in India.

China has been falsely accusing Indian soldiers of violent clashes between India and China in the Galvan Valley near Ladakh. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying has blamed the Indian Army for saying that Indian frontline soldiers broke the LoC, breaking the consensus. Indian soldiers deliberately provoked and attacked Chinese officials. This was followed by violent skirmishes and casualties.

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