Beijing: China’s Hong Kong issues don’t want its name. Not only Hong Kong, but also China’s economy has been seen as stalled for nearly seven months due to the ongoing furious protests.

At the same moment, on January 1, the demonstrators declared that they would hold a large rally against China. Besides that, the resentment of the people of China is also rising among the citizens of Hong Kong.

This is the reason why the slogan of Quit Hong Kong businessmen is echoing everywhere here. This campaign happens to be China’s worst ever. This is a clear indication of the hate that has grown in Hong Kong for the Chinese government and its people.

Let us also remind you that in the wake of the protests in Hong Kong, a large number of Chinese citizens and students have left here. The authorities had made extensive preparations for coping with the demonstrators, though. To identify the protesters, police were placed in plain clothes.

This was the reason that during this rebellion against China, many people were arrested. There has been a conflict between police and protesters during this period. Police have arrested around 7,000 demonstrators over the last six months, according to official figures.

The campaign that began to oppose a bill in June has now hit the democracy in Hong Kong and the chasing out of here by the Chinese. This season, the echo of marches was noticed everywhere on Christmas in Hong Kong. A large number of people assembled in Shyong Sui on Saturday, bordering China, shouting slogans for the Chinese businessmen to leave.

As for China, let me assure you that it is not only the rally here that triggers his anxiety, but also the comment of some countries that have come out in support of the demonstrators. Of those issuing statements in support of the demonstrators, Britain and the United States are notable.

The government of Hong Kong introduced a bill to the House in June. Carrie Lam, the country’s chief executive, introduced the request. Carrie is viewed as a pro-China. Under this law, the convicted could be extradited from Hong Kong to China for prosecution in any kind of criminal case. The movement began with this controversial bill. Gradually, many other political requests started to attach to this campaign, including Kairi Lam’s resignation.

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