The problem of fighting between the US and China has now moved far ahead. First America closed a Houston Chinese Embassy and now China has done the same. China had asked America to vacate its embassy in Chengdu, so America can leave it until the deadline is over. The US withdrew the flag from the embassy on Monday.

First, the trade war, then the coronavirus crisis, then the Hong Kong problem, the US-China rivalry has grown in the past. Which is why this battle is going ahead now and headed towards the cold war. First, the US had asked to shut the Houston Chinese Consulate, which had been granted 72 hours for.

In reaction to this, China told the US that if the US did not withdraw its decision, then the current consulate would be closed in different Chinese cities. After a while, the decision regarding Chengdu was revealed. Now the flag has started to be removed from here as the Chinese police have begun to take control of the city.


Let’s tell you that the US police surrounded the place in Houston, then there was a case in the Chinese Consulate of destroying any paper. A video of which went viral. US President Donald Trump also said that Chinese people were burning some documents, but our police could not enter because the law does not allow it.

During the ongoing war in the Corona crisis, the US had banned Huawei and some other companies. After which the friendly countries of America did the same, which was a big shock for China.

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