New Delhi:

Before the talks between India’s and China’s military officers, the two countries’ foreign ministry officials conducted an important meeting. In this meeting, which took place through video conferencing on Friday, officials of both countries discussed how to reduce the tension on the border.

After the meeting, China’s attitude has shown softness. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has said that China and India will ensure that the vast ship of relations between India and China is always moving in the right direction.

The meeting was attended by Joint Secretary Naveen Srivastava from India and Wu Jinyaghava, Director General of Ministry of External Affairs from China. At the meeting, it was decided that both parties would eliminate the friction and properly review the causes of border gaps.

In this regard, the statement issued by the Ministry of External Affairs said that according to the guidelines received by the leadership of both the countries, both sides agreed that the differences should be settled through peaceful discussions and the leadership of both the countries considered this. It should be kept in mind that each other’s limitations, concerns, and aspirations should not be turned into a controversy.

Let me tell you that today the biggest level of talks between military officers of China and India is going to be held in Moldo, under Chinese control, opposite Chusul of Ladakh. During today ‘s meeting, efforts will be made to reduce the conflict at the edges of Ladakh that has been going on for nearly a month. India gave a strong warning before the meeting that it would not allow intrusions into its territory.

China’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the two countries have agreed that they do not threaten each other and will not allow the deadlock to become a dispute. LAC was addressed at the meeting between the two nations, and other problems of mutual interest including infection with Coronavirus were also addressed.

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