Beijing: The tussle is rising between America’s most powerful country in the world and China’s Asian Dragon. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that the so-called ‘ Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act ‘ has severely interfered with the internal affairs of China, according to sources.

China said that this US action is a violation of international law and foreign affinity basic criteria. China said this U.S. move was a violation of fundamental principles of international law and global affinity.

The Foreign Ministry of China said the US deliberately ignored evidence and assisted rioters wrecking Hong Kong’s roads.The statement said it was intended to ruin Hong Kong’s stability and brake on China’s historic unification.

The statement also said that Hong Kong is an integral part of China and that there is no foreign government and influence to deal with.In sovereignty, security and development, the Chinese government will protect its national interests. If the US remains steadfast in its Inaccurate role, otherwise China will be forced to retaliate and the US will be responsible for the consequences.

Significantly, amid China’s opposition, the US signed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act on November 27. After that, it was strongly protested and resented by the local Hong Kong government and China.

21510cookie-checkChina looked at America, he said-Hong Kong was interfering with our internal affairs