New Delhi:

There was a violent clash with China over the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh. Following this, China is building a road with Himachal Pradesh along the frontier in the wake of attempts to alleviate friction.

The last frontier village is Kunnu Charang in Himachal Pradesh district Kinnaur. After conducting Reiki in Chinese territory, Kunnu Charang villagers have reported that China has constructed around 20 kilometers of road along the border in the last two months.

Kunnu Charang villagers, the last village in the Morang Valley area, say that in the dark of night China is constructing the road towards Khemkulla Pass at a high pace. Drones also arrive from nighttime in China.

People have expected to construct the path in No Mains Land toward China. At the same time, Superintendent of Police (SP) of Kinnaur Saju Ram Rana confirmed the arrival of drones in the border villages. The on-road building, he stated that it would be difficult to create such a long road in a limited time.

The SP said the villagers had given details in this way. Nothing like this is happening in the Indian border area. No need to panic. At the same time, the village head of Kunnu Charang said some villagers had gone to Khemkulla and talked about the building of the road across the border after they had come to Reiki.

He said there isn’t going to be such a long road constructed overnight. It must have been installed for many months. The village head also questioned the functioning of security agencies regarding this.

Kunnu Charang village is close to the China border. There isn’t even a decent road here to drive to. The villagers have cell phones, but people have to travel around 14 kilometers to chat elsewhere, owing to a lack of bandwidth.

It is said that a team of nine people from this village, along with 16 mules and five porters, went towards the border about 22 km away. Along with this team, there were some soldiers of the India Tibet Border Police deployed for security along the China border. When this team reached Khemkulla Pass and looked at Tibet, eyes were wide open.

China has constructed about 20 km of road in two months. The members of this team said that till October last year there was only a road to Tango, the last village of Tibet, but in the last two months, a 20 km long road was built towards the outskirts as the snow cleared.

According to the squad, road building is taking place across the border towards Yamrang La, also in the Sangli valley district of Chitkul. Baldev Negi, JP Negi, Vipin Kumar, Bhagi Ram, Neeraj, Mohan, etc. said that the road has been constructed up to two kilometers away from the border.

Baldev Negi said that across the border we saw five poklen and many large dumpers, who were engaged in road construction. We did Reiki for six days and found that the drone is sent towards India as soon as nightfall, then there are loud noises of the explosion.

Construction activities are being intensified in the dark of night. He said that its information was also given to the police-administration, but on the contrary, the police are torturing them.

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