China is working on a proposal to increase its nuclear weapons numbers within the next ten years. It’s also trying to create missiles that could hit America. The US Defense Ministry Pentagon has said this in its report released on Tuesday.

Chinese are estimated to have 200 nuclear weapons at present. Despite doubling its nuclear weapons reserves, China will lag far behind the US. The United States currently has 3,800 nuclear warheads inactive condition and is in the same dormant condition that can be ready in an emergency within a few weeks.

Not even China has an air force armed with nuclear missiles like the US. But China is working hard to get rid of this weakness. It is engaged in making ballistic long-range missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads which can be dropped from the air.

The Trump administration had requested China and Russia for a tripartite agreement for a few months but was rejected by China. The US-made this proposal after the beginning of the U.S.-Russia START treaty was during which there was a provision to limit nuclear weapons.

The proposal was rejected by Chinese officials, claiming China’s nuclear weapons arsenal is much lower than the US and Russia. In such a situation, they would be harmed by joining an agreement to limit arms. In such a situation, by joining China in an agreement, America wants to stop its height from growing.

According to the Pentagon report published in the U.S. Parliament, China is working on its major action plan by increasing the number of nuclear missiles, in which it would achieve the status of the world’s superpower. By doing this, by 2049, he is trying to stand on or surpass the US. China aims to become the biggest force in the Asia-Pacific Ocean region.

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