New Delhi:

Over the last few years, China has distorted its ties with other countries in such a manner that it appears that they have little to change. Today, disputes have emerged about various concerns from different Chinese states, to the point that it has been a crooked heap for China.

The problem for him is he doesn’t try to take his foot out of those controversies to make his audience happy. Let us tell you that the dispute started with China over various countries, including its expansionary policy, the deadly coronavirus, and trade war, besides the Hong Kong issue.

Now let us tell you the names of some countries that have made China their enemy. Trade wars between the US and China have reached a peak over the past few years. Both countries are not prepared to step back on the issue.

The US is still furious with China on the issue of Hong Kong. It has also withdrawn the special status given to Hong Kong. Apart from that, the two countries in the South China Sea have long had strong friction. Speaking of a trade wise, America would not allow China to profit in any way unilaterally.

Trump has made it clear that under the same policy, the benefits that China earns from its products in the US should also be exempted from its products. Talking about the issue of Hong Kong, the United States has imposed several restrictions on China within the past few times.

Not just that, but the US has already banned the entry of several big figures connected to China’s governing Communist Party. With many Chinese companies banned, the US has also asked Chinese citizens to return.

The primary explanation behind the ban on Chinese lawmakers is the Chinese Government ‘s dictatorial mentality in Hong Kong. After China enacted the Hong Kong National Security Act several countries have switched their attention to it.

On the issue of Hong Kong, both Britain and Australia are not only angry with China but have also threatened China to suffer the consequences. Both these countries have also spoken about giving citizenship of their country to the citizens of Hong Kong, due to which both the voice and the attitude of the Chinese have become strict towards them.

China has claimed Hong Kong ‘s problem is its internal question, and no nation can speak about it and create rhetoric. China still has a disagreement on the South China Sea between all of them, at the same moment.

Taiwan considers Taiwan its share, but Taiwan’s government does not. Taiwan assumes its authority over the South China Sea. Not only this, but China has also been expressing strong resentment over relations with Taiwan from other countries. Recently, Taiwan practiced at a distance of just 150 km from the South China Sea, demonstrating its military capability at sea.

Not only this, but the US is also giving its advanced Patriot missile to Taiwan. This missile played a major role in the war with Iraq. All this is being done to strengthen Taiwan’s hands against China.

India has a border of about 4 thousand km from China. India has had a border dispute with China for a long time. Apart from Arunachal Pradesh, China has been claiming Sikkim as its share. For this, he has also occupied the Aksai Chin in India for years. Apart from this, the controversy started in the Galvan Valley recently reflects its expansionist policy.

India has not only banned many apps in China but has also given a shock to it in trade, after clashes with Chinese army personnel in Galvan and the martyrdom of 20 Indian soldiers. Has rejected China’s claim on the China Sea.

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