New Delhi:

The government has made it clear that States and union territories cannot dilute the guidelines issued by the center on the nationwide lockdown to control the spread of coronavirus.

The center said states cannot allow their own activities during this period. In a letter to state and union territories, Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhala has stated that only those activities permitted by the center and its guidelines are allowed.

The home secretary wrote the letter on Sunday after some states made their own list of essential activities and announced the relaxation of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions from Monday.

Kerala has built India’s first-ever ‘Walk-in Sample Collection’ or as termed WISK. It allows health care workers to prevent the risk of catching the COVID-19 virus by making them stay behind a protective shield. It does not require the workers to wear the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to collect samples.

They are a local building and were advised by the doctors at Government Medical College in Ernakulam along with district medical officers.
Their design was taken from the ones similar in South Korea, it is believed that these WISKs will help in the reduction of PPE as one kit cost Rs. 1000.

Writer: Sakshi Gupta

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