Carrie lam, Hong Kong leader said, ‘ the controversial bill that would be allowed extradition to the Chinese mainland ‘‘is dead’’. On Tuesday at the conference Ms. Lam said, the government who is working on a project is a total failure.
The bill sparked weeks of unrest city and suspended by the government. But there was still a doubt that government will sincerely continuous or worries about the process of legislative council process to restart or not.
She also said that the bill will definitely die in the year 2020 when the current legislative term-end. Protest leader has reacted angrily to Ms. Lam’s latest attempt to placate them.
Bonnie Leung of the civil human right front, which organized the demonstration, Hong Kong government have to meet five basic demands before the protest would hold, which include a full withdrawal of bill and the fewer charges against detained while a protest was held.

On 1 July, protesters forced into central chambers of Hong Kong parliament, siege. On Sunday many people came to the street for the bid to explain concerns over the bill.

Writer: Ritika Rana