The Trump administration on Tuesday approved the decision to sell MK 45 (MK 45) guns worth 71 thousand crore rupees in India. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency told the United States Parliament that the suggested foreign military sale of 13 MK-45 five-inch/62 calibers (MOD4) naval cannons and associated equipment under the suggestion deal is estimated to cost 71 billion rupees.

For attacking boats, beaches, and fighter jets, Mk 45 cannons are used. The notification released by the Defense Security Cooperation Agency states that BAE Systems Land and Armaments ‘ planned sale of these weapons would help India cope with current and future enemy arms crises.

India, with its assistance, will be able to deal with global threats and protect its soil. The notice also notes that this planned sale will not change the area’s basic military balance.
The notification states that the MK45 gun system will enable India to carry out anti-surface warfare and anti-air defense missions while enhancing interoperability with the U.S. And other allies.

The Trump administration’s information, however, does not mean that the agreement was accepted.

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