British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been shifted to the Intensive Care Unit after his condition worsened. Johnson’s office has provided this detail. According to the details obtained from the PMO, every better treatment is delivered to the PM.

Information was also received on the transfer to the ICU. Let me tell you that he was admitted to St. Thomas Hospital on Sunday night. According to this measure was done because of Johnson’s difficulties in breathing.

He was placed on oxygen on the afternoon of Somwar until he transferred to ICU. The good news, though, is that they were not fitted with ventilators.

Doctors claim he’s conscious, but his condition isn’t good in the afternoon. Johnson is, according to him, moved to the ICU as a precaution. Physicians, though, have not ruled out whether they can even be put on ventilators if needed.

Significantly, Johnson was found infected with symptoms of the coronavirus on 27 March. Johnson himself gave this information by tweeting. In this, he claimed that his corona check was positive and that he was separating himself from others.

He also stated that during this period, he would continue to guide the country through video conferencing. Significantly, coronavirus cases are gradually growing in Britain.

While 1346566 cases have been recorded worldwide so far, 51608 cases have been reported in the United Kingdom alone. Thus far, 5373 individuals in England have lost their lives.

He said that the whole country is passing through a bad phase at this moment. It is the country’s greatest problem. MP Sir Care Stormer described Johnson’s shift to the ICU as bad news. He said that the entire nation is with Johnson and his family right now, waiting for his early return home.

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