On Friday, US legislators proposed a bill in Parliament to grant 40,000 unused green cards to overseas nurses and physicians. If this bill is introduced to meet the needs of the health sector, it will benefit a large number of Indian nurses and doctors who have an H-1B or J2 visa. Explain that the United States is the one most affected by the Corona epidemic. For this, he needs a large number of health workers.

According to experts, under the ‘The Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act’, those green cards, which were approved by the Parliament in previous years, were not given to anyone. The bill will allow thousands of additional medical professionals to work in the US permanently.

It is said that through this bill, 25,000 nurses and 15,000 doctors will be issued green cards during the Covid-19 global epidemic and it will be ensured that there is no shortage of medical professionals.

In the House of Representatives, the bill was introduced by MPs Abby Finkenor, Brand Schneider, Tom Cole, and Don Bacon. The bill was introduced in the Senate by David Purdue, Dick Dubin, Todd Young, and Chris Coons. MP Finkenor said, ‘We know that this virus will not magically disappear. Experts like Dr. Anthony Fossey are warning of another round of infection.

The situation is particularly fragile in rural areas and there is already a shortage of medical professionals. Organizations such as the American Medical Association, the Healthcare Leadership Council, the US Chamber of Commerce, the American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment, the American Hospital Association, the American Organization for Nursing Leadership have supported the bill.

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