After the Pakistan human rights ministry wrote to UNICEF to remove Priyanka Chopra as the UN Goodwill Ambassador for Peace, many from Bollywood have jumped in to support the global icon.

In a declaration, Kangana Ranaut said, “To make a decision is not a simple one. When you’re stuck between your duty and your emotions, being a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF is sure that you can’t restrict your identity to one country, but how many of us choose heart over mind every day.

Javed Akhtar told PTI, “If her comments have upset the Pakistani establishment, they can do whatever they wish.” He further said, “I know Priyanka Chopra personally. She is a cultured, decent and educated person and the fact remains she is an Indian. If there is some kind of controversy and difference in point of view between an average Indian citizen (like Priyanka Chopra) and the Pakistani establishment, obviously her point of view will be an Indian point of view.”

Ayushmann Khurrana told ANI, “I guess Priyanka Chopra represents our country really well and she is not just an Indian icon she is a global icon. Being a daughter of an army officer, I believe she is truly a very good representative of India.”
Divya Dutta recently said, “I will stand up with Priyanka for whatever she does and I think she has done a very good job.”

“Priyanka is someone I really respect; she has put us on the global chart. I think that she deserves to be where she is today. And I believe if she has been chosen to be ambassador then there is a reason for it, that she signifies something. There are a lot of people, who look up to her, women and men alike in India. So, I think she is the best idol to have that way. Somebody whom people look up to, therefore kudos for where she is today,” shared Sacred Games 2 actor Anupria Goenka.

Writer: Manvi Nautiyal

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