New Delhi:

Beijing has prohibited its students and tourists from traveling to Australia. Angry at this, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison warned China that his government would never be afraid of threats.

China has expressed concern over racist incidents in recent times and advised the countrymen to avoid traveling in Australia. The Australian Prime Minister on Thursday dismissed Beijing’s allegations, calling them nonsense.

In a radio interview, Morrison said, ‘This is a ridiculous claim, and was rejected. We have a significant business relationship with China and I would like to continue that.

He said the Australian government is never going to be intimidated by threats, however. According to the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Commission, racism with Asians has increased during the Coronavirus epidemic.

Let us tell you that Australia’s China is the largest trade partner. Advisory for students released by China can also affect Australia because education is the fourth largest export country. Australia earned 37 billion dollars from education last year.

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