China and Russia are using heightened concerns due to Corona by spreading misinformation online to weaken Western democracies. The charge has been made by Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne.

In his speech at the Australian National University, Foreign Minister Maris Payne said that when the world needs cooperation and understanding, an atmosphere of fear and division is being created due to misinformation. Payne’s office released the speech Tuesday night.

Marise Payne shared worry that there were distribution and promotion of information regarding Corona. He said, “It’s disturbing that some countries are using the global epidemic to weaken liberal democracies to promote their models of government.”

Marise Payne cited last week’s report of the European Union Commission, which states that foreign elements and some countries like Russia and China are running disinformation campaigns in Europe.

He cited the proliferation of harmful misinformation such as suggesting consuming bleach for illness care and little gain from washing hands to avoid contamination from spreading.

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