New Delhi: A few months ago, R.K. Ashwin was an integral part of India’s Test team. At the same time, the West Indies have seen their strong performances so far. Therefore, many felt that Ashwin would play in the match against West Indies in this tour. But in both Tests, Ashwin never got a chance. Now it is reported that he will not be coming to India with the team.

R.K. Ashwin partm of test team
R.K. Ashwin part of the test team

In the first Test, Ravindra Jadeja was preferred instead of Ashwin. Jadeja did well in the first match. Therefore, Jadeja was retained in the team in the second match. But in this match, India did not miss the off-spinner. Because this time Hanuma Vihari made less of it. Do you think that Ashwin is getting angry now for not getting a place in the Test team? After winning the Test series, the Indian team will leave for India.

But you can’t see Ashwin with them. Because Ashwin will be going straight to England from the West Indies. Ashwin plays Nottinghamshire in county cricket in England. There are matches starting now. On the other hand, the match between India and South Africa will begin on September 15. India and South Africa will also play a series of Twenty20 matches and one-day matches. Ashwin will not play in this series. Ashwin will continue to play in England because of the length of time for the Test matches between India and South Africa.

Writer: Himani Ranade

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