In the US, the war of words escalated close to the November 3 general election. President Donald Trump is targeting from the Democratic Party about the age of candidate Joe Biden. Joe Biden has now, at the same time, reacted to Trump’s assault. He claimed he is completely qualified for two terms as President of the United States.

Joe Biden’s comment came at a moment when US President Donald Trump in his presidential campaign questioned the age of the former vice-president. If Biden wins the presidential election in November, he will be the oldest President of America.

Joe Biden is 77 years old. He said in an interview that if somebody is over 70 years old and healthy then why can’t he finish two terms. In response to Trump’s attacks on age and health, Joe Biden told Watch Me, Mr. President, Watch Me.

Biden’s rival President Donald Trump is 74 years old. When Donald Trump became president in 2016, he was 70 years and 220 days old. Trump holds the record for being the oldest president. Before the trump, this record was recorded in the name of Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan, who became the President of the US in 1981, was 69 years 349 days old.

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