A US Navy soldier detained in Iran is returning home. Michael White was sentenced to prison last year but was temporarily released on medical grounds at the Swiss Embassy in March.

He was arrested in 2018 after traveling to the Iranian city of Mashhad to meet his girlfriend. Michael White’s release came on the day Iran’s foreign minister announced the Iranian doctor’s return from the US.

US officials have not yet confirmed Majid Taheri’s release, but a third person an Iranian scientist was detained in the US, who was sent to Iran earlier this week. Sirus Asgari, a physics professor at Tehran, was accused of trying to conduct secret research at an American university in 2016 but was acquitted in November.

The release of the citizens of both countries gives several indications, although Washington has so far denied that the citizens have been interchanged. US President Donald Trump said on Thursday, ‘I spoke on the phone off with Michael White, who is now in Zurich after his release from Iran. He will soon be on an American plane and is coming home. ‘

Trump said that I never stopped working for the release of all Americans held hostage abroad. Michael White’s mother said that for the last 683 days my son Michael has been held hostage in Iran by the IRGC.

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