Because of the Coronavirus outbreak in China, Air India has halted its Hong Kong flights until 8 February. Ashwani Lohani, the company’s chairman and managing director, provided this information through tweeting. “Air India is suspending its Hong Kong flights after the AI 314 departed on February 7 given the threat of coronavirus,” he said.

Hong Kong’s Hospital Authority said it was shutting down certain facilities because a significant number of staff had not come to work and emergency services in government hospitals have been disrupted.

This is Hong Kong’s first coronavirus death case. The deceased was a Hong Kong resident, who returned from China’s Wuhan city on 23 January via a high-speed rail link. In Hong Kong, a medical staff strike continued on Tuesday for the second day as one person died from the Coronavirus.

Thousands of Hong Kong medical staff halted Monday’s job-seeking border closure with China to keep the coronavirus from spreading. On Monday, all other land and sea borders adjoining the China Mainland were closed except for two Hong Kong transit sites after more than 2,000 medical personnel went on strike.

23420cookie-checkAir India flights from Delhi to Hong Kong will remain suspended till 8 February 4, 2020, from Coronavirus