The city of Wuhan in China from which infection with coronavirus originated. Now the number of patients in hospitals diagnosed

ed with the virus has been reduced. China’s health officer gave this information on Sunday.

He said that no corona patient is admitted to the hospital in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province. The Wuhan lockdown was removed on April 8. The town had become a 76-day lockout.

China’s National Health Commission spokesman, Mr. Feng, told a press conference in Beijing that this goal has been achieved through the hard efforts of the medical workers and the hard work of the people. According to the Xinhua report, the last coronavirus patient admitted to Wuhan recovered on Friday.

Officials said that less than 50 are now left infected in Hubei Province. In the last 20 days, no new cases of infection were identified here. Over the last 24 hours, there have been eleven new cases over China. Five of these reports came from outside, while the other 6 came from the area.

Five citizens are admitted into the province of Heilongjiang. This Chinese region adjacent Russia. New cases of infection have increased rapidly in Harbin, the capital here and in Suifene, a city. Because of this, the border was also locked with Russia.

During the last 11 days, not a single death has been reported in China. So far, a total of 82 thousand 827 cases of infection have been reported in China. With this, 4 thousand 632 people have also died.

28620cookie-checkAfter five-months Wuhan is free from corona