A major plane crash in Pakistan on Friday. Pakistan International Airlines going to Karachi from Lahore fell victim to a flight accident. The crash has been triggered by a technical fault, according to the original investigation.

Pakistan Airlines CEO Arshad Malik said that an inquiry has been ordered into the accident. He said the pilot had said there was a technical problem before landing in Karachi. They were told that both runways are ready for landing in Karachi, but they thought it better to fly the plane.

Captain Sajjad Gul was flying this PIA aircraft. Pakistan media has told that just 10 minutes before the plane landed, the pilot told that there is some technical problem. Meanwhile a recording was also revealed of the last conversation between Air Traffic Control and the pilot. The last words the pilot operating the Airbus A320 registered is that the aircraft’s engines are not running.


10 Minutes before the crash the pilot lost contact with air traffic control. Just before landing at Karachi Airport, the pilot said that after taking 2 rounds, the landing would take place, but after that the plane became an accident.

Before the accident, the pilot also tried to open landing gear, but it did not open. According to a Pakistani reporter, the pilots wanted to make a landing, but the wheels were not opening, they were told to keep flying the aircraft for some time. In the meantime he crashed.

According to the reporter, the plane fell after hitting the building. Where the plane fell are those narrow streets. Ambulances are having problems going inside. Fire engine vehicles are also not able to go inside. Many vehicles also caught fire after the plane fell.

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