Hong Kong: Demonstrators have now decided to hold a general meeting on the first day of the new year on January 1, after demonstrating over Christmas for three consecutive days. Agitators may announce their new program at this meeting.

Also, 336 people involved in the disturbance and demonstrations around Christmas were arrested by police. Rioting currents have been imposed on all of them.

Police chief spokesman Kok Kachuen said among those detained were 92 women and several children. The latest agitator convicted is twelve years old. To date, over seven thousand individuals, including a large number of students, have been detained in the protest for democracy for more than six months.

In the recent movement, the agitators clashed with the police by putting a cap with a Santa clause. This movement, which has been going on for more than six months, is expected to continue.

A huge protest by agitators on 1 January in Hong Kong

On June 9, after a contentious extradition bill was introduced, massive protests erupted on Hong Kong streets, which were subsequently suspended by the government. Nevertheless, the protests of the people have not stopped and he opposes the reform of the democratic system in Hong Kong and the intervention of Beijing in his country’s matters.

Common people visit shopping centers, restaurants and other public places harassed by miscreants on Christmas. Demolished and destroyed properties of the city. The metro stations, banks, and the electrical grid were destroyed during this period. Demolished public property and damaged it.

The subway stations, banks, and electric grid were damaged during this time. When the police released tear gas shells during the Christmas campaign, they started arresting the agitators.

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