So far 259 people in China have died as a result of coronavirus, confirming a total of 11,791 cases of infection. Despite this risk, many other countries are sending planes to evacuate their Hubei residents.

In its daily Saturday release, China’s National Health Commission said 1,795 patients are in critical condition. At the same time, a total of 17,988 individuals are suspected of being infected. 2,102 new cases were confirmed Friday.

In many other countries including India, 124 cases of people suffering from the virus have been confirmed. Here is the first case in Kerala. According to media reports, 1,36,987 individuals were identified who came into contact with Coronavirus sufferers. Of these, 6,509 were discharged following medical supervision on Friday.

Two more people suspected of infection with Coronavirus have been admitted to RML Hospital’s separate ward here. This has brought the total number of patients admitted here to eight. Hospital officials on Saturday said two people, aged 23 and 46, were complaining of breathlessness and fever on Friday evening.

The US announced Friday it proclaimed a state of a public health emergency. Temporary limits on the entry of foreign nationals who have traveled to China in the past two weeks were imposed along with that.

Alex Azar, Department of Health and Human Services Secretary, said all foreign nationals who visited China two weeks ago would not be allowed to enter the United States. This order will come into force from 5 pm on February 2.

It has announced the closure of its stores, corporate offices and contact centers in China until February 9 due to the virus.

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