Kabul: At least 24 civilians were killed in attacks on Taliban targets in southern Helmand province on Monday by Afghan Special Forces. Provincial authorities gave this information. Deputy Provincial Councilor Abdul Majid Akhund said initial reports suggest that 24 civilians have been killed, but the figure “may have increased”.

Ataullah Afghan, head of the provincial council, said that most of the dead were women and children, who went to a wedding ceremony in Musa Kala district. He said 12 other people were injured. There are conflicting reports about the number of casualties and injured from various sources, as the area is under Taliban occupation.

According to Afghan, two separate attacks were carried out in different areas of Musa Kala. He said six foreign fighters were killed in the first campaign, while the second attack missed the target and “accidentally” hit civilians.

Akhund said that the authorities are investigating the case. A spokesman for the provincial governor said 14 rebels were killed during the raid, including six foreigners.

18500cookie-check‘ 24 people accidentally died in the attack on the Taliban, ‘ confession of the Afghan Special Forces