New Delhi:

The number of corona patients in India has crossed one lakh. In the last one week, the number of corona patients has increased rapidly. Despite this, India’s condition is in many ways better than the rest of the world. In terms of the number of corona patients on a population of one lakh, the average of India is much better than the rest of the countries of the world.

In India, the average of corona infects per one lakh population is 7.1. That is, only 7 people have come under the grip of Corona in a single lakh population. While the average of the world is seen, 60 corona patients have been found on a population of one lakh. The Union Health Ministry itself has given information about this.

The Ministry has also told that the average rate in India is good, as well as the recovery rate of patients recovering from the corona is also much better. According to the ministry, the recovery rate is more than 38% i.e. around 38 patients are getting cured every 100.

Coronavirus released from China has caused the most devastation in America, Italy, France, Spain, and the UK. Those are the big developed nations who have fallen to the coronavirus. Things are still not under control in America. In the US, the number of corona patients is 494 per one lakh population. While in Russia this number is 195.


  1. Spain- 494 cases / million
  2. Germany – 210 cases / lac
  3. Italy – 372 cases / lakh
  4. Iran – 145 cases / lakh
  5. Brazil-104 Case / Lac
  6. France – 209 cases / lac
  7. Turkey – 180 cases / lac
  8. UK – 361 cases / lac
  9. India – 7 cases / lac
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